Elite Mototech Levers

Elite Mototech Levers

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The Patent Pending Elite Mototech Easy Pull Clutch Lever & Matching Front Brake Lever are a highly precision CNC machined lever made out of 6061 aluminum and anodized in a verity of colors so you can customize it to your liking. We have gone the extra mile to make sure our product is perfect, from the smooth look and finish to a smooth operating lever.

Easy Pull Clutch Lever:
Our patent pending easy pull clutch lever offers 30% less force to pull over the stock lever, utilizing the stock Harley clutch cable without modification and works on all Harley with the eye or loop style cable. The Elite clutch lever only takes minutes to install without the need to disassemble our lever/perch assembly. There are four different length clutch levers to choose from, 1 Finger, 1.5 Finger, 2 Finger and the 3 Finger being approximately 1” shorter then stock. There is a option of a mirror mount which can be flipped 180 degrees to either lower or rise the mirror/blinker.
Beneath the mirror mount is a set screw to adjust the reach of the lever for those riders with shorter fingers looking for a little more comfortable position. With the 1” handlebar being standard on all Harleys we also offer a 7/8” option for those riders looking to change their bar size. All of our clutch levers come standard with two sealed ball bearings pressed into the lever itself while using a custom pivot bolt to secure it into the perch body.

Front Brake Lever:
Our front brake lever shares the same shape/styling as the clutch lever and gives a nice finishing look to the bike while providing a nice feel. When selecting the lever color above, both the clutch lever and brake lever will be sent in the same color. The front brake lever ONLY comes in the 2 finger length.

NOTE: For the bikes with a clutch safety switch, the clutch lever assembly does NOT utilize the switch and the bike will either need to be started in neutral or the switch deactivated. The switch itself can be found in the clutch side switch housing.